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Thank you for your interest in our NH Board of Nursing approved examinations. We offer the state competency exams on a regular basis.  Private exams are available at the discretion of our testers. Private testing must be paid in full to the examiner one week prior to the testing.

  • Our state competency exams are offered frequently, usually every month. Private exams are offered as needed. This exam involves a written component as well as clinical case scenarios that the candidate must successfully perform. We give same day verbal results. Written results from the testing center are mailed to you within three to five business days. The fee for this testing is $175.00 for group exams and $225.00 for private exams; this includes the examiners fees as well as state testing fees.

Candidates for private competency exams are required to bring an actor with them for the clinical portion, this person must be 18 years of age or older and physically able to participate in the exam.

Candidates must provide written verification from the NH Board of Nursing that they qualify to participate in the exam. Picture identification is also required, such as a driverís license.

We offer candidates that want to study prior to the testing the opportunity to purchase a student textbook for the cost of $60.00. (Clinical scenarios that you may be tested on include: ROM, pulse, hand washing, oral and denture care, bedpan care, transfer, dressing and undressing a pt with a weak side.)

Call today for the testing dates/sites that are available.

Pamela Heggelund RN, c


To download the study guide for the challenge exam, click on the link below:





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